About Us

In an effort to encourage the U.S. government to take action to secure Iraq for religious minorities and save the Iraqi Christian community from extinction, Christian Solidarity International and many others, including Rep. Frank Wolf, are leading the effort to Save Iraqi Christians.

Save Iraqi Christians is asking the U.S. government to use its power and influence to defend religious liberty in Iraq and create conditions that allow displaced Christians and other non-Muslim minorities to return to their homeland and live and worship in peace.

The United States, having powerful leverage with government leaders in Baghdad and Kurdish authorities in the north, is in a position to guarantee the survival of Iraq's endangered Christians and other religious minorities.

We believe the U.S. government should work towards developing a secure homeland province for religious minorities and should facilitate the voluntary return and resettlement of refugees and internally displaced persons after effective security measures are taken.

If America's Christians and other religious leaders rise to this challenge, others, including U.S. policy-makers, are bound to follow. Working to pressure U.S. policy makers to take action, Save Iraqi Christians is urging America's Christian leaders to get involved.