Save Iraqi Christians
The Iraqi Christian Community Faces Extinction
The Christian community in Iraq currently faces possible extinction as a result of religious persecution and ongoing national instability. Most Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq live with the daily threat of bombings, kidnappings, beheadings, vandalism, discrimination, extortion, loss of jobs and ultimately death. Christians in Iraq are terrorized from all sides-Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish extremists.

Men, women and children are not just caught in the crossfire. They are targeted by Islamic extremists because of their Christian faith. As a result of such persecution, approximately 400,000 of Iraqi Christians have fled the country since 2003. Most of those who remain in Iraq are internally displaced.

Working to turn the tide, Christian Solidarity International launched Save Iraqi Christians-a movement working to create conditions that allow displaced Christians and other non-Muslim minorities to return to their homeland and live and practice their faith in peace.
With your help, Save Iraqi Christians can be a powerful catalyst to ensure that all Iraqis have the right to choose and practice their faith freely. But we can't do this alone.

The Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq need your help today!


Leaders Standing in Solidarity with Iraqi Christians Include: